Networking and Working Together

For many years now, the affluent life we have all enjoyed in America has contained elements that both contribute to, and detract from, our spiritual lives. One of the detractors has been affluence’s tendency to segregate us from one another. We have many different environments we exist in, simply because we can afford to. We can buy a home, rent an office, pay for numerous vacations, and afford many other ways to live for “ourselves.” Visit most third world countries and you will inevitably find three and four generations of families working together and living under one roof to merely survive. While we would call that a “hard life,” living as they do helps in so many ways to bring people together by fostering a mindset of community. While most of us have come to believe wealth and independence is a good thing, is there something precious we have lost in our individuality? We think so. This is why we believe bringing these segregated “islands” of life back together is so important. One way is to re-integrate the individual, the business and ministry to keep our focus on what’s important spiritually, as we work to provide for ourselves financially.