Be Prepared



To help others form Lighthouse Communities of their own, we are currently compiling a document that will be entitled The Lighthouse Community Preparations and Procedures Handbook. This document will contain everything found on this website, and more:


The Lost Supper


Restoring Communion’s power to guide us through the storms of life.

Community involves establishing a depth of relationship with both God and man that exceeds the superficial levels most find in typical church settings. Getting along with others is not easy, even when connected by the Spirit. Unity is found in coming clean with our God and our brothers in Christ through searching, honest confession. But how, and when? God has provided the most expedient, powerful ceremony available for bringing God’s people together with one mind and one heart in His Table. That’s right, Communion is His ultimate gift to us for rooting out the sin-addictions that are paralyzing the faithful, and keeping them from true Christian community. Find it now on Read it, and practice it with your community!


Hidden in a Prayer

Living a godly life in the days to come

[Soon to be released as an E-Book]


Jesus prayed often in the presence of his followers, yet this one became the hallmark. Could it be that it was more than a mere prayer, and even more than a way to live? Could it be that it also carried a hidden prophetic message for the final days many feel are coming upon us, to help lead His people through the minefields of deception and confusion that will be involved? Those taking this prayer to heart and living by its words will maintain a constant state of spiritual readiness, regardless of the swings of times and cultures. In this book Michael unpacks the five basic elements of the Christian life as they pertain not only to now, but to the future, along with what he considers to be the most critical path to that life found in the first 17 verses of John 15. In these pages you will also find a revelation God gave him over 15 years ago perhaps disclosing what Paul referred to as “The mystery of lawlessness.” A mystery no more? Read Hidden in a Prayer and decide for yourself!


While Marketplace Saints may or may not endorse all of the views set forth in the books below, they are generally helpful in discussing topics relevant to the efforts of the Marketplace Saints.

Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Ekklesia by Steve Atkerson

Psalm 91 by Peggy Joyce Ruth

The Remnant by Pat Schatzline

The Irresistible Community by Bill Donahue

Life in Community by Dustin Willis