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Over the years, the Lord has shown me many ways to help community leadership strengthen and connect their flocks. Below are books and devotionals to help your Ecclesia move into the kingdom of heaven on earth, partake in the most amazing gift God has given to bring community together in confession, repentance, and healing, and prayer devotionals using the Psalms that aesthetics around the world have used for centuries to get closer to God.

The Kingdom Election
The nine words that changed everything!
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Since John the Baptist came proclaiming, and Jesus came preaching, nine words that changed everything Christians have a clear choice. We can elect to be citizens of His incredible kingdom or, by default, remain prisoners of the kingdom of man and religion. Heaven is not just death’s reward, it’s life’s reward, and it will be critical understand it, elect it, and then pursue it to face the world now confronting us in peace and faith. “Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” is the true game-changer that transforms the way we perceive Jesus, the Spirit, their mission and how we view the world around us.

“Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” is not mere hyperbole. The kingdom is what Jesus spoke of more often than anything including love, faith, eternal life, the Holy Spirit, or grace. It was His first request in His most famous prayer, what He began 11 of the parables with, and what He told us to seek first above everything else (Matt, 6:33). Think we might want to understand it? I now live to deliver others out of Satan’s kingdom to God’s though sharing my journey. If I found it, so can you. Read this book and make your election today!

The Lost Supper
Reawakening Communion’s power to guide us through life’s storms


Are you struggling with the twists and turns of life but it seems the church provides no venue for you to sort it all out? Should you really have to pay proffessionals, Christian or otherwise, to confess your sins and get help in a safe, intimate environment? Truth is, God has provided a powerful tool to find emotional healing within His community. Communion…that’s right Communion, is His ultimate gift for rooting out fears and sin-addictions that can be paralyzing. Yet, through the comfortable but unbiblical application of it in the church today we’ve neutered its power to heal and transform. The power is still there for us and we can reconnect with it through intimate small-group settings—like Jesus did it! Transform your Ecclesia community into a powerful place of confession, prayer, and emotional healing through the ceremony God gave specifically for it. Read The Lost Supper and find out why Paul said Communion literally contained the power of life and death!

Praying Today’s Psalms [a four-devotional series]
A New Covenant approach to an ancient discipline

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Oswald Chambers said concerning the prayer life of many, “The great battle in private prayer is overcoming this problem of our idle and wandering thinking,” an affliction I dubbed “Mindusconstantwanderitis.” Struggle with focus in your prayers? You’re not alone. But now you can transform your prayer life with this insightful guide that explores the power of praying the Psalms. This book reintroduces the age-old practice, only with a twist: Praying Today’s Psalms introduces the concept of “Newtestamentizing” them, transforming words written under the former covenant that can’t be prayed into words that align with New Testament thought and intent.

Discover through this 4-book set, breaking down the Psalms into a P-R-A-Y acrostic, how the Psalms can lead you to worship God in everything, apply your faith to life, confront Him with integrity when necessary, help you maintain your focus, and reinject passion into your prayers. These ancient song-prayers explore the depths of human joy, suffering, and pain, providing a healing source for many throughout the centuries. Even if you already have a rich prayer life, it can be made all the richer through this journey into the Psalms. Make the Psalms your prayer template, engage in a deeper relationship with God, and experience the transformative power to be found in them!