Be Prepared



Joseph went ahead of God’s people to make sure they would survive through tough times. We do not want to seem alarmist, and we wish blessing upon all our brothers and sisters in Christ, but Jesus told us we are not to be ignorant of the signs of the times. It has become obvious to anyone spiritually discerning the ones we are now witnessing portend difficult, and perhaps dangerous, times ahead. If you disagree, you need not waste your time with this letter, but if you feel the same uneasiness in your spirit that many like we do, you know it may be high time to prepare for the loss of many comforts we have all come to take for granted.

Beyond the needs for self and family, many like us are hearing from the Spirit we are to prepare for others who will be caught off-guard and un-prepared. We believe God is establishing Lighthouse Sanctuaries to provide for them. To this end, we have secured a significant amount of freeze-dried foods now being stored in caves for maximum useful life. This supply is not for individual or even family needs, but for those who have the Joseph calling to help others through the storms we believe are imminent.

We are looking for home churches, fellowships, and individuals who would put up $1,500. to purchase approximately 48 x 5-gallon containers filled with a variety of foods meant to sustain basic needs in times of crisis. We can also fill much larger orders for those who are called to that. We have researched many of the prices we are charging against costs on the internet, and ours are around half because of the volume nature of what we offer.

Lastly, time is of the essence! Between now and November 1, the money will go totally to your food purchase. After that, a certain amount will be deducted to pay for the costs of storage depending on when it is purchased and picked up. If you, or your fellowship, may be interested please respond to us at and we can send you more information.

We would hope you would spread the word to your sphere of influence, to give others an opportunity to take advantage of this offer as well. We take no financial benefit from this. It is our Joseph Calling, so you can know your entire purchase will be realized in food.

We wish you the Shalom of God through the days ahead!


We will soon be offering to those with a Joseph Calling this handbook to help in orchestrating a viable apostolic Christian community. People are going to gather where the resources they need physically will be available, and this Guide will help you capitalize on that by turning physical blessing into spiritual blessing!


The Lost Supper


Restoring Communion’s power to guide us through the storms of life.

Community involves establishing a depth of relationship with both God and man that exceeds the superficial levels most find in typical church settings. Getting along with others is not easy, even when connected by the Spirit. Unity is found in coming clean with our God and our brothers in Christ through searching, honest confession. But how, and when? God has provided the most expedient, powerful ceremony available for bringing God’s people together with one mind and one heart in His Table. That’s right, Communion is His ultimate gift to us for rooting out the sin-addictions that are paralyzing the faithful, and keeping them from true Christian community. Find it now on Read it, and practice it with your community!




While Marketplace Saints may or may not endorse all of the views set forth in the books below, they are generally helpful in discussing topics relevant to the efforts of the Marketplace Saints.

Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Ekklesia by Steve Atkerson

Psalm 91 by Peggy Joyce Ruth

The Remnant by Pat Schatzline

The Irresistible Community by Bill Donahue

Life in Community by Dustin Willis