Internally: Engaging and Supporting One Another

Jesus said the world would know we were disciples by the love we had for one another (John 13:34-35). For too long the world has looked at us Christians, preaching one gospel and yet living another, and rightly cried “hypocrites!” To effectively spread the love of Jesus externally we must first display that love internally, and this is why restoring the concept of true Christian community is so critical. Manifesting this sort of love will not happen in a sanctuary most won’t enter, or a Bible study behind closed doors once a week. Our mission statement is to bring kingdom-minded individuals, businesses, and ministries together to create a sustainable model of Christian community. When we combine those islands of life, and come to actually live together in the marketplace where we are visible, the world will see us loving one another with a consistent and infectious love. At the Lighthouse Community Center everyone involved, including the public, will have daily opportunities to engage in prayer, worship, study, fellowship, and ministry to enhance the sort of internal love Jesus spoke of that would make us known as His disciples.