About Us

In 2009, the Lord gave our director, Michael Wolff, a revelation concerning the time of His re-appearing and that was everything will look very much the same before His second coming as it did before His first. Jesus’ first incarnation was heralded with the words, “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand,” as He brought the kingdom of heaven to earth for the first time and was Himself the kingdom incarnate. Many are now sensing the next “kingdom age” coming upon us. If that is so, how has God fulfilled His revelation? We have resurrected the false model of church known as temple worship in the OT, and it has left God’s people “lost in their own house” once again. God’s people are largely lethargic today as they were then, Pharisees and temple priests, in the form of pastors, are once again ruling religion and the temples have become, again, largely businesses. If Jesus were to come again tomorrow, He would find religion, and what it has done to His people, in pretty much the same condition, yes?

What was Jesus remedy to this false church model in preparing the kingdom to come to men then? He ignored religion, went into the marketplace, and created a living, breathing community with His disciples. In fact, gathering His community was His first order of business, prior to preaching, prior to doing miracles, prior to publicly bringing the kingdom to earth. When Jesus left us, He promised the Spirit would guide us on through time. What was the Sprit’s first order of business when He was revealed? Once again, before He sent out one apostle to preach, heal, or minister He established His community in the form of the Church of Pentecost! What is the message here? We believe this new coming of the kingdom age so many are talking about now will be heralded with God’s people moving out of our present religious model [temple worship] and back into marketplace community! With Covid-19, we now see God tearing down the temples as Jesus’ prophesied would happen to the Jew’s temple the first time He came.

The Marketplace Saints are called to provide an achievable model of sustainable Christian community that can be adopted anywhere by people who are seeking to move from the present church model into kingdom community life. We’re not pastors or professional clergy, we’re just passionate believers who think God anoints and sends out ordinary people to do extraordinary things. We call ourselves, and those seeking to redefine church, Marketplace Saints! The Lighthouse model takes viable steps toward a new and vibrant Ekkleesia of the Spirit, where we bring as much of life together as possible under one roof, creating a new platform from which to operate. We believe that will encourage a new and exciting lifestyle for its participants that will impact both their lives and the life of the community around them.

We envision establishing these Lighthouse Communities will have a twofold effect on the world around us: first, to network, encourage, and inform those with similar leadings as ours to continue a passionate pursuit of community. And, second, to become distribution centers of both spiritual and physical needs, shining like beacons of God’s light in our communities. These “LHCs” will incorporate individuals, businesses, and ministries spending most of their waking hours together, combined with a venue [coffee shop/café] to display that community to the world. LHC’s will present abundant opportunities for all involved to live out God’s kingdom mandates.

Through this website you will be given the information you need to understand what it means to be a Marketplace Saint, build a true Ekkleesia community, and how you can get involved in this effort from a business, individual, group, or ministry standpoint.

Our Ten Commandments of Community:

  1. Jesus is the only way, truth, and life. The only way true community is possible is through belief in Him and networking through the Holy Spirit.
  2. There are two separate and distinct kingdoms in play on earth: the kingdom of men and the kingdom of heaven on earth. The church event model served religion and the kingdom of man that is passing. The Ekkleesia community lifestyle model will serve the kingdom age that is now upon us.
  3. Before Jesus preached a word, His community was established as base of operations (John 1:29-51). Likewise, before the Spirit sent out a single Apostle to preach, so was His (Acts 2). Community was the first order of business when the kingdom first came to earth! Christian community must be about itself first, before it reaches out to the unsaved.
  4. The church was created for community and where spiritual gifts are to be discovered, developed, and deployed (1 Cor. 12). It is the ultimate expression of God’s love, and the way Jesus said we would be known as His disciples (John 13:34-35).
  5. Community means spending as much time together as possible. Viable community must therefore include the marketplace, for that is where the vast majority of people spend the vast majority of their time.
  6. Christian community is to engage culture, and shine like a city on a hill. We are not to seclude ourselves in fear from society, but to lovingly and confidently continue to transform it with our words and our example.
  7. It is within the Ekkleesia community alone New Testament authentic models of discipleship and fellowship that we operate by (1 Cor. 14:26-31) are possible.
  8. There are no denominations in the kingdom. Establishing community means realizing God’s house is big enough for doctrinal differences that do not deny the foundational principles of the faith. While we understand total unity of spirit and oneness of mind is the goal, we also acknowledge we are still hampered in our fleshly condition. Therefore, until we reach the goal grace and love must prevail over “straining on the gnats” of doctrine.
  9. Any Christian community needs to maintain both interior [discipleship/spiritual gift formation] and exterior [service and evangelism] focus. LHC Centers provide elements that make continual opportunities for both possible.
  10. We believe we are living in times that represent the “beginning of sorrows” (Matt. 24) where not only nations will be clashing, but “realm” [kingdom] will be arising against realm with unprecedented power! His people will need to come together in community to not only survive, but thrive, through the trials coming upon us.